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NeuroRecovery Training Institute
NeuroRecovery Training Institute (NeuroRTI) is on a mission to create and promote a culture of evidence-based
practice (EBP) within
the neurologic physical
therapy profession. Through transformational education efforts, NeuroRTI is
creating a full
continuum of neurologic training programs beginning with a large nationally-scaled physical therapy neurologic residency, postprofessional DPT and online Continuing Education (CE) course work that will include various topics in the treatment of spinal cord dysfunction, acquired brain injury, and other neurologic disorders.
NeuroRTI Residency
Neuro RTI Residency
The residency design is similar to EIM's established orthopedic and sports medicine residencies, which are 18 month blended programs with clinical intensives. NeuroRTI has engaged faculty as identified by the Partnership's Residency Directors, to develop content and course builds.
NeuroRTI Postprofessional 
DPT (Transition)
NeuroRTI’s Postprofessional
DPT (Transition)
is a 16 month program designed to bridge a Bachelors or Masters degree to the doctorate level. Learn up-to-date evidence and corresponding physical therapy skills required to care for patients with neurologic injuries or conditions.
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