NeuroRecovery Training Institute Offering Pediatric Locomotor Training Course

November 2013 Activity-Based Therapy Course Will Teach Applicants About The Principles and Practice of Pediatric Locomotor Training
The NeuroRecovery Training Institute (NeuroRTI) will be offering a Pediatric Locomotor Training Principles and Practice Course this November at the Frazier Rehab Institute (220 Abraham Flexner Way, Louisville, Kentucky 40202).The intensive course, provided in cooperation with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, will review the latest research conducted by Dr. Susan Harkema and Dr. Andrea Behrman in activity-based therapy as it applies to the pediatric population with neurological dysfunction including cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, and brain injury. Pediatric physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and rehab technicians who have already completed Introductory Locomotor Training: Principles and Practice are encouraged to enroll in the program. Participants will learn patient evaluation and progression using a body weight support system, retraining on the treadmill, over ground assessment and progression, and community ambulation and activity training.

“This advanced locomotor training course is designed specifically to address the needs of the pediatric neuro population and is based on both our clinical and research experience,” said Dr. Andrea Behrman, PhD, PT, FAPTA, University of Louisville Department of Neurological Surgery Professor, and Co-Director of the Reeve Foundation NeuroRecovery Network.  “Case examples, both live and video, will promote discussion of clinical decision-making, progression, and tailoring the environment to be developmentally-appropriate and successful.”

The course will take place on November 2nd and 3rd, 2013 and will be taught by Dr. Andrea Behrman and Shelley Trimble, PT, Pediatric Rehabilitation and Research Specialist, Pediatric NeuroRecovery Program, Frazier Rehabilitation Institute. Fees for both the online course and on-site training are $825 a person. Teams of therapists and technicians are encouraged to apply and enrollment is limited. Interested applicants can register online at

Note: For those who have not taken the prerequisite course, Introductory Locomotor Training will be offered on August 16-18 at Frazier Rehab Institute and October 18-20 at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia.