When clinical expertise and AmaZing! Customer Service collide; GREAT THINGS HAPPEN! Great things like patients who are happier, healthier and more loyal than ever.  

The AmaZing! Customer Service Course for Individuals includes the tools you need to create an AmaZing! atmosphere in YOUR clinic.

When you and your team use AmaZing! Customer Service, you will discover:

  • Highly engaged employees who are empowered to provide an AmaZing! experience for each and every patient
  • Patients who have a positive experience are more likely to follow treatment plans and feel better, faster
  • Patients who get better faster are happier, healthier, and more likely to refer friends and family to your practice
  • Physicians, who are thrilled with the response from their happy and healthy patients, engage more with your practice and increase their referrals

If you are in need of a disability-related accommodation, please contact courses@evidenceinmotion.com. We will process requests for reasonable accommodation and will provide reasonable accommodations where appropriate, in a prompt and efficient manner. For more information please see the Accommodation Procedures for Disabled Participants page.


Developed by Larry Benz, DPT, OCS, MAPP, MBA, the AmaZing! Customer Service Suite has been tested for more than 20 years in private practice settings.

Dr. Benz states, “Results are astounding.  AmaZing! Customer Service yields patients who are loyal beyond reason, increasing the bottom line by slashing marketing expenses and boosting referrals.