NeuroRTI’s Locomotor Training Principles and Practice Lead Instructor Certification process is designed to provide the training and experience necessary to ensure standardization among all Introductory Locomotor Training onsite courses hosted at NeuroRTI approved locations across the country.

The Lead Instructor is the Individual who executes the training sessions on the body weight support system and during overground training. The Lead coordinates with the other Lead Instructors to maintain efficiency and effectiveness of the course under the direction of the Senior Instructor. The lead instructor must be able to make adjustments to the schedule and groups when needed to assure every participant reaches an intermediate level of skill attainment so that they can return to their facilities and teams to continue developing their Locomotor Training skills and knowledge.


All applicants must have successfully completed the following courses: Introduction to Locomotor Training online and onsite course and the Neuromuscular Recovery Scale (NRS) course.

Lead Instructor applicants must have also been a team instructor at a minimum of (3) NeuroRTI Introductory Locomotor Trainings.

The Experience

Participants working towards Lead Instructor status will have an approved senior instructor observe and complete the required competency skills checklist while participating as a Lead Instructor at (3) Introductory Locomotor Training onsite courses. This checklist must be signed and submitted utilizing NeuroRTI’s online platform to receive final approval for the Lead Instructor Certification.

The Outcome

Upon completion the Lead Instructor will be able to participate in– Introductory Locomotor Training courses as part of NeuroRTI’s approved instructors.

Application Process

Click on the “Register” icon and fill out the information to receive access to the online platform to begin the Lead Instructor Certification process.