NeuroRTI’s Locomotor Training Principles and Practice Senior Instructor application process is designed for clinicians seeking advanced level training and approval to lead and instruct onsite Introductory Locomotor Training courses within their own clinical location and at NeuroRTI approved locations across the country.

Application Requirements

  1. All applicants must have successfully completed an Introduction to Locomotor Training online and onsite course.
  2. All applicants must have successfully completed the online and onsite Advanced Locomotor Training: Accelerating Decision-Making for Neuromuscular Recovery.
  3. Must have been the designated lead instructor at a minimum of (3) Introductory Locomotor Training courses.

The Experience

Upon acceptance to become a Senior Instructor, the candidate will participate in online and onsite coursework and training to include pre and post course planning and evaluation. This will include conference calls with host locations and travel to various Introductory Locomotor Training onsite courses.

The Outcome

Upon completion the Senior Instructor will be able to plan, lead, and instruct the standardized NeuroRTI – Introductory Locomotor Training course as part of NeuroRTI’s approved Faculty.

Candidacy Program

Upon acceptance into the program, the candidate is required to identify an approved senior instructor mentor and participate in a minimum of three Locomotor Training onsite courses assuming the following roles in this sequential order:

  1. Shadow-candidates observe the entire onsite training process by shadowing a senior instructor mentor. Competency skills are discussed, reviewed, and demonstrated to prepare for Level II training.
  2. Co-Senior Instructor Candidate-candidates co-lead the onsite preparation and 2.5 training by actively performing competency skills assigned by their mentor.
  3. Lead Instructor Candidate-candidates lead all aspects of the 2.5 onsite training under the supervision of a senior instructor mentor. All competency skills are demonstrated and reviewed for final

Following completion of all three roles and approval from each onsite to advance, the applicant will be recommended to NeuroRTI for Senior Instructor status. Final approval is based on recommendations and feedback from approved NeuroRTI Senior Instructors and the candidates mentor. Newly appointed senior instructors will become eligible to teach the Introduction to Locomotor Training courses facilitated by NeuroRTI.

Please note all approved Senior Instructor candidates may attend the Locomotor Training Onsite courses free of charge, but will be responsible for all travel expenses. Candidates will need to request to attend the onsite trainings they would like to attend in advance. Candidacy spots will be limited at all onsite trainings.