The Postprofessional DPT in Neurologic Physical Therapy is a 13-15 month program of postprofessional clinical and didactic education for physical therapists, designed to bridge a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to the Doctorate level. Students will advance their clinical knowledge and practice while completing coursework built upon the current best-evidence for the management of neurological conditions.

The Experience

The majority of the Postprofessional DPT happens where you are. Coursework is an intensive combination of didactic, collaborative, and clinical education experiences using a combination of distance learning, online courses, virtual rounds, and weekend intensive hands-on courses.

The Outcome

  • Achieve doctoral status in line with the American Physical Therapy Association’s Vision 2020.
  • Become a highly-skilled, autonomous practitioner who has substantially increased your ability to provide care to a full spectrum of patients with neurological injuries or conditions.
  • Enhance your critical thinking to improve decision-making and outcomes of care.
  • Improve your knowledge of current evidence and begin preparation for the Neurologic Specialist Certification exam.
  • Have the opportunity to apply these credit hours towards the Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency.
Fall 2019 Calendar


  • Evidence-based Practice
  • Motor Learning/Motor Control
  • Neuroanatomy: Brain and Cranial Structures
  • Neuroanatomy: SCI and Peripheral Structures
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Medical Imaging
  • Pharmacology
  • Management of Acquired Brain Injury
  • Management of Spinal Cord Injury
  • Management of Other Neurological Diagnoses
  • Applied Neuro Rehab: Manual Therapy*
  • Applied Neuro Rehab: Electrical Stimulation and Assistive Technology*
  • Applied Neuro Rehab: Motor Learning and Gait Analysis*
  • Virtual Rounds and Case Presentations
  • Neuro Capstone

*Weekend intensive course (2-day hands-on lab): locations and dates will be announced in late spring


Please note  that the postprofessional DPT degree is not intended as an advanced academic degree in preparation for teaching as ranked faculty in a physical therapy educational program. The NeuroRTI Postprofessional DPT is designed to be a clinically oriented degree. Typically, academic institutions seek ranked faculty members who have “terminal doctoral degrees”, such as a PhD, DSc, etc. Individuals desiring an advanced academic degree that prepares them for teaching should pursue the appropriate degree (PhD, DSc, etc.) based on feedback from their target institution. While some institutions with a clinical faculty appointment track recognize the postprofessional DPT for academic purposes, most require that it come from a regionally accredited institution.